Children have imaginations that are wider than the sky! And while they love hearing stories, they can love telling them, even more.

A great way to do this, is to set up a problem or puzzle, and give them enough clues to solve it.

Tiny Star and the Big Hole

Now here’s a problem they can get creative with: Tiny star fell out of the sky, and is stuck in a giant hole. It’s scary down there. How can we rescue Tiny and get the little star back up into the sky?

You can let your child tell the story all on their own, or use the items below as prompts, if you need them.

Make your own story B

Prompts:  Fishing rod made from a stick and string, a big basket, and a catapult made from ice-cream sticks.

Who’s the hero or heroine of the story?

Your child of course! Kids are natural born story tellers. Sometimes the nudge they need is to know we think their stories are even more amazing than ours are.

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