Lost is, well, lost. When she found a hole in her bedroom floor, she had the best plan: hide her toys inside the hole, instead of tidying them away. But the plan went wrong. The hole was hungry and after it sucked in her toys, it sucked in her mom, then her house, then the whole planet with her on it. Now Lost is on a desert planet somewhere, lost and alone.

She starts writing letters and sending them out, hoping they’ll get to someone who can rescue her. The letters find their way to Mupstix, a girl who spends her breaks alone in the Lost and Found room, and whose only friend in her new school is an invisible elephant named Bum.

Mupstix's friend, Bum, and Bum's friend the sock-snake.
Mupstix’s friend, Bum, and Bum’s friend the sock-snake.

The story is told through the letters exchanged between Lost and Mupstix, in a world where tinfoil and snails are collected like treasure, and home isn’t necessarily where you thought you left it.

Debut book by children’s author, Jolene Raison, available at Amazon on Kindle and in print, and on Kobo.

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