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Spotted: The Vitiligo Spot Spotter.

Spotted: The Vitiligo Spot Spotter.

Cinnamon is a little girl with vitiligo. The vitiligo causes spots, and the spots make people stare. In Cinnamon’s imagination, those inquisitive people become a monster, skilled at spotting vitiligo spots; the vitiligo Spot Spotter. Can she run from the Spotter, or hide away? Can she scrub her spots off, or cover them up? She tries it all, but the Spotter remains in hot pursuit. Perhaps the answer is to become a Spotter of sorts too.

If like me you have vitiligo, you probably know this feeling: wherever you go, it’s all eyes on you. This fully-illustrated children’s book helps children see all that spotting in a different light.

Currently only available in South Africa directly at: Soon on Amazon.

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The first time I remember making magic, was when I grew crystals from Copper Sulphate, blue as the candyfloss sugar and miraculous as shooting stars. I hope children can make the same kind of magic with the sugary crumbs of my words.

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